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Our mission

Our goal is to deliver high quality work at an reasonable price.

Our story

How Baldacchino Construction was founded

Early in 1980 our family owned business was established by Mike Baldacchino. After slowly building a name for himself as a contractor, Mike began to become one of the largest builders in the early 90s and 2000s. He built commercial retail stores, offices, hospitals, etc. in Southern California then transitioned to building residential homes and subdivisions for homeowners. During this time, Mike expanded and worked his way up to Northern California, serving the greater Sacramento area and especially in Folsom.

When it expanding to predominantly residential, Mike got his family and more specifically his son Carlo involved by helping with project management and development. Since then Carlo and his son Marco have taken over as owners and continued the family tradition of remodeling and building custom homes for people like you.

Carlo has 30+ years of experience in construction specifically in estimating, engineering, and building custom homes. Marco has 5+ years of experience focusing in estimating, project management, remodels and building custom homes. Between the father (Carlo) son (Marco) combo the family business has carried its roots beyond expectations and continues to serve the state of California as one of the best and most experienced contractors.

Our Story - Constructor X Webflow Template
Years of experience
Successful projects
Team members
Happy clients

A team of expert contractors ready to help you

At Baldacchino Construction our projects include both new construction and remodels/restorations. We specialize in custom home builds, remodels, and additions. Being in business for 40+ years has allowed us to build a team that provides the best quality work and tons of experience. Our team consists of architects, engineers, designers, and lending officers.

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Our values

The values that drive our work

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Prioritize high standards in building materials, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction.

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Delivering on promises reflects our deep commitment to our clients. Includes adhering to timelines, staying within budget, and responsive customer service.

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Team work

We foster a collaborative environment among our staff, ensuring our architects, builders, and subcontractors work cohesively.

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Embracing new building technologies, sustainable practices, and innovative design solutions, we contnuously seeks to improve and modernize home construction.

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Demostrated through forward-thinking management and the ability to set a high standard within the industry, and leading by example in areas such as safety, sustainability & community engagement.

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